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Florida Today | 02/14/1999


Congress' power cut by executive orders

By Charles P. Schubert


President Clinton has been usurping the powers of Congress with executive orders .

He took away from Utah a parcel of land containing the only clean- burning coal outside of Communist China.

His American Heritage Rivers project was another arrogant power grab. After Helen Chenoweth introduced H.R. 1842 to forbid his action, he went ahead by executive order. He set up a new federal bureaucracy for each designated river.

The bureaucrat assigned to each river will have complete control of every decision pertaining to zoning, fishing, river traffic, recreation and private bank property.

Florida Today has published editorials and letters to the editor concerning the American Heritage Rivers initiative written by people uninformed. I wrote a published letter in October 1997 telling the facts.

In reconciliation, Florida Today published on Jan. 28 Weldon's telling the facts of his efforts to protect the Indian River Lagoon, the C-1 Canal project and the 1998 highway bill to retrofit existing roads and bridges for runoff pollution.


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