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The Augusta Chronicle | 02/16/1999


I am currently serving as pastor of a church in the Augusta, area, and I recently received an e-mail from a fellow minister regarding the signing of various executive orders designed to take away various freedoms from the American people under the guise of a "national emergency." This is just one more frightening example of our federal government's various attempts to gain complete control of its citizens.

When I served in the Army as a fighting infantryman, I swore under oath to defend the Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. I have always understood the prophecies in the Bible as a warning that the world population would someday come under the control of a one-world government, and to see the seeds being planted even now in our country continues to verify the accuracy of the Scriptures.

The rights of the individual, which are guaranteed under the Constitution, are rapidly eroding under the current administration. These, and such other actions, certainly constitute treason. If we as a people continue to sit idly, we will suffer grave consequences.

Although I believe prophecy will be fulfilled, we can still raise our voice in opposition to the current path our federal government seems bent traveling. The end result will be a government no longer of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Dr. Alan R. Tillman



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