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Deseret News | 10/14/1999

Clinton abuses his power

Through most of President Clinton's administration, the polls have been maneuvered consistently to show that the majority of the citizens approve of Mr. Clinton as president. Well, I, for one, certainly am not among them. Why not?

Among many other reasons is his excessive and dictatorial abuse of the power of his office. Most people are not aware of executive orders . This president has used this method more than any other president in history to enact "legislation" that the Congress would not approve. One of these is the requirement for telephone companies to add to your bill a tax on long-distance calls, to be used to pay for computers in classrooms, affectionately called "the Gore tax."

In response to a letter to Sen. Trent Lott, asking what is being done to curb this abuse of office, I received the following:

"Because the Constitution sets no real boundaries on the definition of presidential executive orders , there are no guidelines dictating what the president is and is not capable of enforcing within the executive branch and the powers granted to the departments and agencies thereunder. As a result, an executive order has the force of law and does not require congressional approval. The ambiguity associated with this authority can produce an intentional avoidance of congressional intent as well as an abuse of power." . (Trent Lott, personal correspondence, Sept. 2.)

So, there you have it. Why on earth should anyone vote for president of the United States any person who approves the abuse of such power, or who will not publicly denounce such abuse and vow not to do so himself?

Robert W. English

Salt Lake City


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