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Executive Orders - News Articles & Commentaries

10/27/00  NewsMax.com, "Executive Orders & the Presidential Campaign"
by Dr. James Hirsen

07/03/00  Forbes, "Executive Disorders" by Dan Seligman

06/26/00  U.S. News Online, "Clinton's campaign to end-run Congress" by Kenneth T. Walsh

02-07-00  DeseretNews.com, "Clinton blurs separation of powers" by Jack Kilpatrick (commentary)

01-31-00  DeseretNews.com, Stroke of the pen, federal government takes control" by Marianne M. Jennings (opinion)

12-22-99  SunSpot.net (The Baltimore Sun), "Wielding the power of the president's pen" by Jonathan Weisman

12-14-99  WorldNetDaily.com, "Another 'stroke of the pen'" (commentary)

12-12-99  Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Restoring the Constitution" (opinion)

11-27-99  Mobile Register, "The use of executive orders must be curtailed" (editorial)

11-18-99 NewsMax.com, "Implementation of a Global Agenda" by James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

11-17-99 NewsMax.com, "Secret Governance" by James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

11-16-99 The Victoria Advocate, "Stop Clinton power grabs" (editorial)

11-16-99 NewsMax.com, "Statutes of Doom" by James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D

11-15-99 NewsMax.com, "Misuse of Authority" by James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

11-12-99 NewsMax.com, "Executive Orders and the Demise of Liberty" by James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

11-09-99 Christian Science Monitor, "Clintonian 'tyranny' rankles Hill" by Francine Kiefer

11-08-99 Colorado Springs Gazette, "By royal decree - President sidesteps the Congress with a succession of executive orders" (opinion)

11-07-99 Washington Times, "Hill Leaders Complain of Clinton Power Grab" by Dave Boyer

11-02-99 Investor's Business Daily, "Restoring Checks and Balances" (editorial)

11-01-99 The Orange County Register, "Executive order excess" (editorial)

11-01-99 US News Online, "Washington Whispers:  Project Podesta" by Paul Bedard

10-22-99 Insight Magazine , "Clinton Orders Human Experiments" by Timothy Maier

10-22-99 CNSNews.com, "Executive Orders Meet Separation of Powers Act" by Ben Anderson 

10-20-99 The Salt Lake Tribune, "Babbit Gets Feisty, Warns Congress of More Monuments" by Christopher Smith

10-14-99 Deseret News, "Clinton abuses his power" (editorial)

09-13-99 The Washington Times, "Clinton's executive orders sweeping, controversial" by Frank Murray

09-09-99 UExpress/Universal Press Syndicate, "The President's Precedents" (opinion) by Joseph Sobran

09-07-99 The American Partisan, "Courage to Fight Executive Orders," by Michael R. Allen

08-23-99 The Washington Times, A SPECIAL REPORT "Clinton's executive orders still are packing a punch / Other presidents issued more, but many of his are sweeping" by Frank J. Murray

08-11-99 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Power Trip: Clinton's record of using the military for law enforcement" by Jack Kelly

08-09-99 The Gazette, "An imperial prez, A plan to curb president's power to sidestep Congress, Constitution (editorial)  

08-07-99 The Las Vegas Review-Journal, "The imperial presidency" (editorial)

08-06-99 CNN.com, "Clinton orders study on policing the Internet" by John King

08-06-99 Wall Street Journal, "Executive Rules" (editorial)

08-06-99 WorldNetDaily.com, "Executive Order 13083 replaced with new one: Federalism policy still broadens scope of Washington's power" by David M. Bresnahan

08-04-99 The Orange County Register, "Curbing an Imperial Presidency" (editorial)

07-30-99 Insight Magazine, "Emergency Rule, Abuse of Power?" by Catherine Edwards

07-04-99 Los Angeles Times, "Clinton to Bypass Congress in Blitz of Executive Orders" by Elizabeth Shogren

06-07-99 WorldNetDaily.com, "The Imperial Presidency: Another end-run around Congress? " by Sarah Foster

04-16-99 The Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Clinton abusing the power to issue executive orders" (editorial)

03-21-99 The Sunday Patriot-News Harrisburg, "Stand up to White House, take back powers" (editorial)

02-16-99 The Augusta Chronicle, "Warns of 'Emergency' Executive Orders" (editorial) 

02-14-99 Florida Today, "Congress' power cut" (editorial)

02-11-99 WorldNetDaily.com, "Clinton's latest executive order 'Invasive Species' action seen as attack on rural America" by Sarah Foster

02-02-99 The Augusta Chronicle, "Fears 'Emergency' Executive Orders" (editorial)

01-26-99 WorldNetDaily.com, "Clinton's 12 'national emergencies' - Is this a sign of White House power grab?" by Sarah Foster

01-19-99 The Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Clinton grabs for power through executive orders" (editorial)

08-31-98 WorldNetDaily.com, "The hidden power of the presidency" by James L. Hirsen/

07-26-98 Portland Oregonian, "Clinton Perfects Do-It-Yourself Governance" by Francine Kiefer

07-24-98 Christian Science Monitor, "Clinton Perfects the Art of Go-Alone Governing Feeling stymied by GOP on the Hill, president pushes agenda through executive orders, vetoes, and publicity" by Francine Kiefer 

07-16-98 Dow Jones Newswires, "Executive Order On Federalism Stirs State-Local Ire" by Alex Keto and John Connor

06-28-98 The New York Times, "Under Clinton, The Presidential Pen Is Mighter Than Ever" by Robert Pear

05-07-98 Investor's Business Daily, "Kyoto Duplicity" (editorial)

03-21-97 Florida Today, "Executive Orders Give Clinton Dictator Powers" (editorial)

Orlando Sentinel, "The Imperial Pen" (editorial)


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