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"American Foreign Policy and the International Criminal Court"  05.06.02

"Secretary Rumsfeld Statement on the ICC Treaty"  05.06.02


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Herbert W. Titus


Press Releases

"Paul Scores Victory Over UN Court!"  05.09.02

"Paul Applauds President Bush..."  05.07.02

The Liberty Committee  05.06.02

"Paul Introduces Legislation to Protect Americans from UN Court"  04.11.02



Congressman Ron Paul

Prof. Jeremy Rabkin, Cornell University


Position Papers

"ICC vs. the American People" by Lee A. Casey & David B. Rifkin, Jr.

"Case Against the Proposed ICC" by Gary T. Dempsey

"ICC:  Threatening U.S. Sovereignty and Security" by Brett D. Schaefer

"Overturning...International Criminal Court" by Brett D. Schaefer



"Pres. Bush Delivers Victory Over UN Court!"  by Congressman Ron Paul

"Universal Judge Judy" by Philip Terzian

"A Court of No Authority" by Congressman Ron Paul

"U.S. confrontation with the U.N." by Henry Lamb

"Not-So-Supreme Court" by Gary Dempsey

"Unsign That Treaty" by John R. Bolton

"A Global Court of Injustice" by Dr. James Hirsen

"ICC is the Latest UN Outrage" by Congressman Ron Paul

"New world court out of order" by Brett D. Schaefer

"Flaws Undermine Concept of International Criminal Court" by John R. Bolton

"Courting Disaster" by Gary Dempsey


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