Citizens' Action:  Help Pass Legislation Now  

Step #1 -- Place a Call
Please call your U.S. representative and strongly urge him to cosponsor
H.R. 3074 and H.R. 3076 and ask him to quickly and aggressively work for the passage of these two bills. The U.S. Capitol and congressional office buildings will be closed from Thursday, October 18 until Tuesday, October 23.  The buildings will be checked for anthrax during that time.  Therefore, please call your representative's district office.

If you don't know the name of your U.S. representative or his direct telephone numbers,
please use the directory of Elected Officials and Agencies.

Step #2 -- Send an E-mail
Send an E-mail to your U.S. representative.  H.R. 3074 and H.R. 3076 must both pass Congress.  Go to Pro-Liberty Legislation (National Defense category) to send an E-mail on both bills. 

Step #3 -- Spread the Word

Please tell 10 other people about this urgent legislation. You can use our
special referral blast system or use your own method.

Step #4 -- Join the List
If you are not already a subscriber to our E-mail list, please join today so you will automatically
receive information about the next steps of our campaign.


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