The deadline has passed for this petition.
Speaker Hastert did not schedule a floor vote for H.J. Res. 38.
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Senate Changes, Medical Privacy & H.J. Res. 38

Congressman Paul's Letter to Speaker Hastert (Adobe PDF format)

Petition to

House Speaker Dennis Hastert

Federal Medical Privacy Rule
H.J. Res. 38

Deadline:  June 15, 2001

Dear Speaker Hastert:

The pending federal medical privacy rule is a sham on the American people. 

I strongly urge you to place H.J. Res. 38 on the House calendar to be voted on no later than June 15, 2001 so that my representative can vote to repeal this dangerous rule. 

The so-called federal medical privacy rule will give me dramatically less control over the privacy of my personal medical records than I have now and give the federal government and authorized third parties more access to my most personal information WITHOUT my consent -- that's not privacy! 


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