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Rep. Jack Metcalf's Special Order Speech - 9/18/00


SOVEREIGN ENTITIES (House of Representatives - September 18, 2000)

[Page: H7701]  

The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Hulshof). Under a previous order of the House, the gentleman from Washington (Mr. Metcalf) is recognized for 5 minutes.

Mr. METCALF. Mr. Speaker, the President warns of the potential of a new age of civil wars. He is one of the progressive new center-left academics turned leader and a proponent of the view that he and his family of progressive thinkers can find the cause of wars and intervene with a cure.

It has been demonstrated time after time that the United States can be drawn into war after war, national conflicts within borders and across borders. American troops die and suffer for the policy formulations we are never informed of and without the specific congressional declaration and war powers that the Congress alone retains.

Since the United Nations was founded in 1945, America has not won a war but lost each and every conflict but one, depending on your view of the Persian Gulf War.

The Millennium Report recently issued by U.N. Secretary General Annan calls for `a strengthened Corps of Commanders in New York ready to organize and intervene with peacekeeping operations within a week or two.'

There is little that I fear so much as U.S. troops being committed to such an international force that can intervene without requiring specific congressional approval.

Should this concept ever conclude where it is intended, a standing army with a stronger corps of commanders, we will see the development of a threat greater than ever in our recent past. Already we have seen the power of a few enormous multinational corporations grow to a size that exceeds all but the largest nations. Fifty-one corporations are presently larger than the bottom 100 nations.

We have seen the jurisdictional prerogatives of NATO enlarged and both our own CIA and NATO find in their mandates to now include protecting these same corporations' trade routes and corporate markets. How did they find that new information there? Globalization has created new sovereigns out of these paper entities. The United Nations would create a new standing army to protect these new sovereigns' interests.

There is much too much hope placed on globalization and the interdependence upon nations. The rhetoric only hides the reality of who really benefits and what the real consequences are here at home. Wages in America are stagnant, and in the last 3 years there have been periods of decline.

Maybe wages are going up slightly in some countries, but this too can be explained by other than globalization's trade benefits: the present world economy is driven by speculation, not productivity; mergers and acquisitions, not growth and new entrepreneurship; workers shifting from one well-paying job to three less well-paid service jobs; wealth increased for the few investors, owners and profiteers while the standard of living drops again and again as every new dollar buys less goods for every family.

We are today proud of an economic boom that nobody would dare suggest can be sustained. When the inevitable downturn arrives, wages will be scuttled. Wages worldwide will return to the pre-speculative period. But the largest corporations will not feel the pain, as each merger, each acquisition grants to the parent firm unlimited opportunities to downsize further and eliminate more jobs.

Is there any question about what entities are really sovereign today?


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