Press Release - Cost of Government (Tax Withholding)


Tuesday, April 10, 2001
Contact:  Kent Snyder, 703-241-1003

Abolish Federal Income Tax Withholding and Learn the True Cost of Government

House and Senate leaders of both political parties talk about ‘fiscal responsibility.’  We urge them to work for passage of H.R. 1364 so ‘fiscal responsibility’ will become reality; not rhetoric,” stated Kent Snyder of The Liberty Committee.

H.R. 1364 – The Cost of Government Awareness Act was introduced by Representative Ron Paul (Texas) on April 3, 2001.  The bill would eliminate federal withholding tax laws.  Employers would no longer be required to collect taxes for the Internal Revenue Service.  Employees would receive their full paycheck and then pay their tax bill directly to the Internal Revenue Service as they do their other monthly bills.

"The government's premise is simple:  the taxpayer won't miss the money he never sees....  The goal of withholding is to make the taxpayers less aware of how much they really pay each month to fund our massive federal government,” stated Representative Ron Paul in an April 4, 2001 press release.

The Liberty Committee is sponsoring a petition addressed to the U.S. House and Senate leadership asking them to work for passage of H.R. 1364.  The petition can be found at

“On C.B.S. 60 Minutes II, Tuesday, April 3rd, I.R.S. Commissioner Charles Rossotti stated, ‘We have a Congress and everybody has the right to go talk to their congressman or senator about what they like and don't like about the tax code.’  We agree and that's what we are going to do,” stated Kent Snyder.

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