"Sane and Sensible Immigration Policies after September 11"

January 11, 2002

"Sane and Sensible Immigration Policies after September 11" is the title of
Congressman Ron Paul's current weekly column.  To read Dr. Paul's column, go
to http://www.house.gov/paul/tst/tst2002/tst010702.htm

Excerpts from Dr. Paul's column:

"The INS now admits that potentially tens of millions of aliens in the
country are unaccounted for, many having simply disappeared after passing
through customs."

"Immigration policy must now be considered a matter of national security.
America has the same sovereign right to defend itself against enemies when
the enemy attacks us from within."

"Legislation I introduced in the fall would restrict immigration, including
the granting of heavily abused student visas by individuals from nations
listed as terrorist threats by the State department."

"Remember, only U.S. citizens have the constitutional right to be on
American soil...."

"It is far better to focus our efforts on immigration reform and ridding our
country of suspected terrorists than to restrict the constitutional
liberties of our own citizens."

"...meaningful immigration reform can only take place when we end the
welfare state."


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