Are we too stupid to understand?

February 8, 2002

Dear friend of liberty,

The battle over campaign finance reform is heating up.  It will come to a
boil next Wednesday and Thursday on the U.S. House floor.  A debate will
take place as will a vote.

Are we too stupid to understand the constitutional arguments against
so-called "campaign finance reform?"  A staff attorney for the U.S. Senate
believes we are.  Last year, I gave him a constitutional analysis of
campaign finance reform, written by our senior legal advisor Herbert W.
Titus.  The staff attorney told me in person that while he agreed with Mr.
Titus' arguments, the arguments are "too academic" and the "general public
wouldn't understand them."

You can read the analysis for yourself and make up your own mind.  To read
Mr. Titus' analysis go to

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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