Speak While You Legally Can

February 13, 2002

Dear friend of liberty,

The corruption in our political system is as repugnant to me as it is to
you.  Now, the corrupted officials want us to believe that so-called
campaign finance reform will "clean up Washington" and help make them less
corruptible.  But the only cleansing campaign reform will do is to wash the
little guy out of politics and ensure the reelection of the fat-cat

Washington's language tricksters are hard at work -- but don't get duped by
the oldest trick in the book.  "Reform" should mean a change for the better,
but can you name one governmental "reform" that actually improved anything?
How many times has Social Security been "reformed?"  How about public
education?  The Internal Revenue Service?  Health care?  The United Nations?
In Washington, "reform" always means more spending, more taxes, more
bureaucrats, more rules, more regulations and less freedom.

We're fed up too -- but the new laws will restrict your First Amendment
rights to criticize the policies of the incumbents while allowing these same
incumbents to fill the airways with unchallenged campaign propaganda.

Do you think citizens in New York need to know about Senator Chuck Schumer's
plans to confiscate firearms?  Speak out within 60 days of his reelection --
the time period between Labor Day and election day when every politician
knows most Americans begin to pay attention to election issues -- and you
would be breaking the law.  Do you think citizens in California need to know
about Representative Tom Lantos' allegiance to the United Nations?  Speak
out within 60 days of his reelection and you could end up in jail.  In
short, so-called campaign finance reform would mean that if The Liberty
Committee made you aware of some really awful votes during the 60-day period
running up to an election, its executive director -- yours truly -- could
end up in jail.

Incumbents love it.  Bureaucrats think we're stupid.  The debate is taking
place now.  The vote on campaign finance reform is expected to take place
tomorrow at 2:00 a.m.

Tell your U.S. representative that you won't be muzzled.  Express your
opinion now...while you still legally can.

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Kent Snyder
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