ICC Petition Reminder & News Update

April 10, 2002


If you have not signed our petition to President Bush asking him to rescind the signature of the U.S. authorized by former President Clinton to the International Criminal Court Treaty, please do so now.  We are making final arrangements to present them to the White House.

Link to Petition:  http://www.thelibertycommittee.org/icc_petition_online.htm


"Nations line up to make landmark court a reality"  by Evelyn Leopold, India-Reuters, Wed Apr 10, 5:04 AM ET [excerpt]

"A long time in coming, the world's first permanent International Criminal Court to prosecute mankind's most heinous crimes becomes a reality at a U.N. ceremony on Thursday, despite militant opposition from the United States.

Enough nations will have ratified the 1998 Rome statutes for the tribunal to bring the total, from the present 56 states, to well above the 60 needed to activate the treaty.

'It is an extremely significant moment in world history, the achievement of this court,' said David Scheffer, the former U.S. ambassador for war crimes in the Clinton administration.

Ireland, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Mongolia, Rome, Bosnia, Slovakia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Jordan, among others, are submitting ratification papers for the court on Thursday, pulling approvals over the 60 mark."


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