Vote to make tax reductions permanent

April 22, 2002

On Thursday, April 18th, the U.S. House voted to make the 2001 tax reductions
permanent.  The vote was 229 in favor, 198 against with 8 not voting.  The
18 members of The Liberty Caucus voted in favor of making the tax reductions
permanent.  To see how your representative voted, go to

Excerpts from Congressman Ron Paul's Weekly Column:

"'(The Republican) mandate to cut taxes, it's complete.  Taxes have been cut
as humanly, or inhumanly, possible.'  -- Margaret Carlson, CNN"

"You may be tired of thinking about and paying taxes after April 15th, but
many in Washington think you're not paying enough. In fact, the preposterous
idea that Americans are undertaxed is accepted as truth by a significant
number of the members of Congress."

"This mindset revealed itself last week during a vote on the House floor.
At issue were the exceedingly modest tax cuts passed by Congress last year,
which the Senate modified to expire in 10 years. The bill voted upon would
remove the expiration date and make the cuts permanent (at least until
Congress tries to raise taxes again). This simple measure was stridently
opposed by almost 200 members, many of whom subjected us to lectures about
the 'irresponsibility' of not revisiting tax cuts often to make sure the
government has plenty of money. These lawmakers (apparently) really believe
taxes have been cut to the bone and government starved to its limits."

"Nothing could be further from the truth. Federal spending is wildly out of
control, as evidenced by an annual budget that doubled between 1990 and

To read the complete column by Congressman Paul, go to

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