Bush to say no to ICC?

May 4, 2002

Over a year of our work and more than 160,000 petitions to President Bush 
might be about to pay off.  Congressman Ron Paul's staff has been working 
with White House staff during the last several weeks to arrange delivery of 
those petitions by Congressman Paul.  The press reported last night and 
today that the Bush administration is on the brink of announcing the 
"unsigning" of the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty.

This significant first step is long overdue.  Congressman Paul submitted the
first bill calling on the president to denounce the ICC and rescind the U.S.
signature on February 8, 2001.  Earlier action on the part of the U.S. to
rescind America's signature to the ICC treaty would have sent a strong
signal to the countries that have since gone on to ratify the treaty.

Unfortunately, President Bush's expected action will be too late to block
the formation of this new U.N world court because with over 60 treaty
ratifications the ICC became a reality on April 11, 2002 -- a reality we
must still fight by passing Congressman Paul's H.R. 4169, the American
Servicemember and Citizen Protection Act of 2002.

Word of President Bush's pending announcement comes as a big blow to the
world-government types and they will not take it lying down. Unfortunately
in Washington, such advance notice can be a carefully orchestrated signal to
the "other side" that allows for last-minute brinkmanship to turn the tide.
You can be sure pressure is mounting to keep President Bush from rescinding
America's signature to the ICC treaty that former President Clinton
authorized just hours before he left office.

Please, don't let up on our pressure.  Use the link below to send a message
to President Bush thanking him for his courage and for standing up for
America and our men and women in uniform.  Encourage him to stand firm and
to resist the pressure he will surely get from those who believe in world
government instead of America's constitutional republic.

Take action to ensure we are not robbed by some last-minute compromise.
Send your message of support and thanks to President Bush now by clicking

Then, enjoy what your efforts have achieved.  This is how the system can
work to save our precious liberties that, without your active involvement,
we will assuredly continue to lose.

Thank you for making this possible.  Stay alert!

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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