Commend President Bush

May 15, 2002

On May 6th, President Bush made public his courageous decision to renounce
America's signature to the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty.  The
world-government types went wild.  Within minutes, both at home and abroad,
the proponents of the ICC took off their gloves and threatened the U.S.
saying the ICC would claim jurisdiction over America whether we like it or

On May 9th, 14 members of the U.S. House of Representatives stood up to the
ICC by introducing a sense of Congress resolution (H. Res. 416) to commend
President Bush and encourage him to remain steadfast in his defense of
America's servicemembers against the illegitimate ICC.

The pro-ICC, world-government people are hard at work to stomp out the
sparks struck by our petition drive to President Bush.  They want to
extinguish the sparks that were fanned into flames when Bush went public to
renounce America's signature to the ICC treaty.  They are desperate to put
out the fire made even more bright by the 264 to 152 vote on May 10th by
which Congressman Paul's amendment to deny funding to the ICC was passed in
the House.  Now, they are desperate to stop H. Res. 416 before our fire
becomes too intense.

It's time for us to add more fuel to our fire!

During the night we will send a faxed message in support of H. Res. 416 to
the Capitol Hill office of each of the 435 members of the House.  Our
message will be waiting for them when they open their offices tomorrow
morning.  This would be an ideal time for your House member to receive a
message from you as well.

To add more fuel to our fire, go to

Please copy and paste this message to people on your E-mail list.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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