What you do matters

May 21, 2002

Dear friend of liberty,

What you do matters.

Congressman J.D. Hayworth (Arizona, 6th) is hearing about
The Liberty Committee.

A member of Congressman Hayworth's staff called yesterday
to ask about Mr. Hayworth joining Congressman Paul's caucus.
Congressman Hayworth is hearing from his constituents who are
urging him to join.

It's not enough to elect the best people. (It should be, but 
Washington is a corrupting place.) We have to keep on top of
them. When your elected representative doesn't hear from you,
there is little to balance the special-interest pressure that is 
hitting him or her constantly.

What you do may sometimes seem like "whistling in the dark." I
feel that way often. But then the telephone will ring and there will
be some encouraging news, such as Congressman Hayworth's
office calling.

These bright spots don't magically occur. They happen because
people like you make them happen.

What you do matters. Believe it and don't stop.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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