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Update/Executive Orders

January 28, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

On behalf of the Liberty Study Committee, I thank you for
writing your U.S. representative about H.R. 2655 - The
Separation of Powers Restoration Act that was submitted to the
U.S. House on July 30, 1999 by Congressman Ron Paul and
Congressman Jack Metcalf.

Due to your efforts and the efforts of 21,332 other Americans
during the last several months, H.R. 2655 now has 29
co-sponsors!  Two sets of hearings on executive orders were held
in the House last October.  Last month, Congressman Ron Paul
appeared on 15 radio talk shows from coast to coast talking
about executive orders and H.R. 2655.

Phase II is now underway.  The Liberty Study Committee asks for
your help again:

Congress is back in session.  Our goal is to double the number
of co-sponsors to 58 by April 1.  We've picked April 1 because
we want to tell our national government that we won't be fooled

Thanks again for your help!

Kent Snyder
Liberty Study Committee


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