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Alert/Medical Privacy-National ID 

October 13, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

Are we going to get what we don't want?

We don't want the federal government to assign every person a medical
identification number (like the Social Security number) so bureaucrats
can track and collect our personal medical information and create a
massive national database on us.  According to a recent Gallup survey,
91% of Americans agree with us.

If 91% of Americans don't want a national I.D. number, how can it

This goes back to the infamous 1993 Clinton health care proposal that
was so soundly rejected by the American people.  What believers in big
government could not do in that all-encompassing national health care
scheme is instead being done incrementally, one part at a time.  The
key to government control of your health care choices is this national
medical identifier.Without that number, bureaucrats can't track the
medications and treatments you take, what lifestyle choices you make,
what genetic factors you have inherited, and they can't project your
likely lifetime demand on health-care resources.

The national medical I.D. that was pronounced dead-on-arrival in 1993
came back to life in 1996 under the guise of the innocent-sound Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (H.I.P.A.A.)...and Congress
fell for it.

That's right, H.I.P.A.A. was passed and signed into law, and tucked away
in that legislation was the all-important language mandating assignment
of a unique, medical identification number to every American.

The only reason you haven't already been assigned a medical I.D. number
and forced to use it for every health-related activity is that Congress
has withheld funding.  In June, Representative Ron Paul (a physician
with over 30 years in private practice) introduced and had passed an
amendment to continue to withhold funding.  Unfortunately, that
amendment is now in jeopardy in a conference committee.  The Liberty
Committee stopped the national I.D. card in just such a conference
committee in 1999. Now, in the year 2000, we must hold off the
implementation of the national medical identifier the same way.

Remember, as this Congress winds down, anything is possible.  Please go
to http://www.thelibertycommittee.org to contact your U.S.
representative and your two U.S. senators and let them know you are
aware and watching what they do.  Urge them to keep the Paul amendment
in the final version of the Labor-H.H.S.-Education appropriations bill
(H.R. 4577).  Please do this now so we don't get what we don't want

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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