Declare Victory!  National Medical I.D. #

October 19, 2001

Dear liberty activist,

America is fighting an enemy who wants to destroy our way of life.  We
easily understand this threat when it comes at the hands of foreign
terrorists -- America united to defend liberty.  But liberty can be lost
through many smaller battles too.

That is why, when we win an important battle, we need to celebrate.

With our help, Representative Ron Paul has successfully fought, year to
year, to pass his legislation to defund the new national medical I.D.
scheme, formally known as the universal health identifier (U.H.I.).
Thanks to the efforts of thousands of activists, that defunding, in the
form of another one-year moratorium, was again passed last week.

This victory is a tribute not just to the tenacity and determination of
those of us who have joined together as The Liberty Committee, it is also a
tribute to our understanding of how perishable liberty really is.  We
recognized that the U.H.I. is the key to government's ability to track our
most personal medical information and amass a central database that would
effectively mean the end of medical privacy -- and all that that implies.

To read Dr. Paul's brief but eloquent statement on the passage of his
moratorium on funding the U.H.I., go to

To review just how important this victory is, go to
After you read the description of the problem the legislation solves, you
will realize why we must make the defunding of the U.H.I. permanent, not
just a moratorium.

We have won an important battle in the on-going war to preserve liberty.  We
are stronger because of it and we must set our sights higher to permanently
defund the U.H.I. by passing H.R. 2615.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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