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Update:  Reminder

October 23, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

If you have not completed our "Join" form at
http://www.thelibertycommittee.org, please do so by Tuesday,
October 31st.

We are creating a new list of activists that can be sorted by
congressional district.  We will then be able to send targeted E-mail
messages to you so you'll know when your U.S. representative or senators
are members of important committees and how they can help our efforts on
a particular bill.

To continue receiving our general alerts/updates after November 1 and to
start receiving our new targeted alerts/updates, you will need to
complete our "Join" form at http://www.thelibertycommittee.org by
Tuesday, October 31st.

Thank you.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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