Letters of Marque/Interview with Herb Titus

October 24, 2001

Herb Titus, senior legal advisor to The Liberty Committee, discusses the
history of letters of marque and reprisal and how they can be used today
to help capture Osama bin Laden and the others responsible for the
September 11 attacks during an interview on "The Heart of the Matter."

Mr. Titus specifically talks about Congressman Ron Paul's two bills:  Air
Piracy Reprisal and Capture Act of 2001 (H.R. 3074) and September 11 Marque
and Reprisal Act of 2001 (H.R. 3076).  During the interview, Mr. Titus first
gives an update about the Michael New case and then talks about letters of
marque and reprisal.

To listen to the interview, do the following:
1.  go to http://www.theheartofthematteronline.com
2.  click "Listen to 'The Heart of the Matter' archives any day, any time."
3.  click "Air Date, 10/17/2001, Herb Titus."

The interview will be available on-line until October 31, 2001.


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