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Update:  November 2nd Deadline

October 31, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

Please help us save $1,740.

We survive thanks to voluntary contributions, and $1,740 is a lot of
money to us.  If you are unable to send a contribution to keep the
work going -- here's another way to help that is the next best thing.

One of our goals for next year is to be as efficient and as productive
as our time and budget allows when we work to support or oppose
legislation. Focusing our attention and efforts at the committee level
in the House and Senate will definitely help achieve our goal because
committees are critical parts of the legislative process.

Because of a new database service that we are now using, everyone
who signs up on the new "Join" page of our site
(http://www.thelibertycommittee.org) will have their congressional
district automatically marked next to their name based on the
address information you give.  This automation saves us hours of work
from manually assigning the proper congressional district number for
each activist.  It also saves us from having to pay $1,740 to a company
to have them process our existing list of activists on a one-time

Once we know what district you are in, we can single out just you and
other activists in your congressional district when it is your U.S.
representative or senators we need to target.  For example, if  your
representative or one of your senators is chairman of a subcommittee,
we'll need to send you an E-mail to ask for help that only you, as a
constituent, can give (that's how we stopped the national I.D. card, by
targeting a committee chairman).

This is an exciting innovation, because -- let's be realistic -- your
representative and senators listen to you because he or she needs
your vote.  We need to be state-of-the-art and use every weapon
available to us.  Sending messages to tens of thousands of activists
when we only want to reach you and others who are constituents
of your specific representative or senators wastes time (yours and ours)
and isn't effective.

If you have already completed the "Join" form, thank you!  You only need
to complete it once.  If you haven't completed it yet, please go to
http://www.thelibertycommittee.org and click "Join" at the top of the
page and sign up no later than November 2.

Your help today will save us $1,740 and it will make everyone's efforts
more efficient and productive as we fight the legislative battles for

Thank you for your help!

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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