New Liberty Caucus Member

February 8, 2001

Dear friend of liberty,

Representative Denny Rehberg joined The Liberty Caucus yesterday
morning.  Representative Rehberg was recently elected to the U.S. House.
He is serving in his first term representing the citizens of Montana. We
are looking forward to working with him.

If you live in Montana, please call Mr. Rehberg and thank him for
joining our efforts.  Representative Rehberg's telephone number is

All other members of The Liberty Caucus, other than those who did not
seek re-election, are continuing their membership in the caucus.

If you reside in a congressional district of a caucus member, please
call him and thank him for continuing his membership in The Liberty

Here is a list of those caucus members with their telephone numbers:

Ron Paul (honorary chairman), Texas 14th, 202-225-2831
Roscoe Bartlett, Maryland 6th, 202-225-2721
John J. Duncan, Jr., Tennessee 2nd, 202-225-5435
Virgil Goode, Jr., Virginia 5th, 202-225-4711
John Hostettler, Indiana 8th, 202-225-4636
Walter Jones, Jr., North Carolina 3rd, 202-225-3415
Jack Kingston, Georgia 1st, 202-225-5831
Richard Pombo, California 11th, 202-225-1947
Bob Schaffer, Colorado 4th, 202-225-4676
John Shadegg, Arizona 4th, 202-225-3361
Bob Stump, Arizona 3rd, 202-225-4576
Tom Tancredo, Colorado 6th, 202-225-7882
Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania 15th, 202-225-6411.

Helen Chenoweth-Hage (Idaho), Rick Hill (Montana), Mark Sanford, Jr.
(South Carolina), and Jack Metcalf (Washington) did not seek re-election
and are now emeritus members of The Liberty Caucus.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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