International Criminal Court - Radio Show

February 16, 2001

Veterans Radio Network will broadcast a show about the International
Criminal Court tomorrow, Saturday, February 17 at 3:00 p.m. E.T.  The
show will be hosted by Jim Brosemer.  Mr. Brosemer has invited Yale law
professor Ruth Wedgewood and me to debate the issue.  The program can be
heard via the Internet by going to .  The show is also
broadcast by some radio stations throughout the U.S.

Here is a description of the program written by Veterans Radio Network:

We have thousands of US military deployed around the world. The men and
women that serve this country are given orders everyday. Some of these
orders are to bomb areas of other countries. Would you consider these
"War Crimes"? The International Criminal Court would!!! Former
President Clinton signed the "International Criminal Court Treaty" on
December 31st, 2000. Eighteen months earlier he refused because he said
it had flaws. These so called flaws are still there. Would you want
your son, daughter, brother or sister to go before a group of judges
from other countries and be tried for what they may consider to be war
crimes? Joining Jim in the first hour is Yale Law Professor Ruth
Wedgewood. Professor Wedgewood is a staunch supporter of the treaty.
Kent Snyder is the Executive Director of the Liberty Committee. He is
against it.  We want you to call in and give us your opinion!!! This is
your "Show"!!!!

To ask a question or make a comment during the program, call

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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