Cost of Government - Tax Withholding

April 7, 2001

Dear liberty activist,

Government dishonesty is nowhere more evident than in the income tax,
both in the way the American citizen was conned into accepting it, and
in the way so much tax money is currently being collected...through the
deception of withholding.

"The government's premise is simple:  the taxpayer won't miss the money
he never sees....  The goal of withholding is to make the taxpayers less
aware of how much they really pay each month to fund our massive federal
government...," stated Representative Ron Paul.

Tax bureaucrats have been only too successful in lulling some taxpayers
to sleep.  That is why Representative Ron Paul introduced H.R. 1364 -
The Cost of Government Awareness Act on April 3, 2001.
H.R. 1364 will end federal income tax withholding.

Once employers are free of the burden of tax collecting for the welfare
state and we productive Americans begin to write checks to the federal
government along with our other monthly bills, the true cost of what
we pay to fund our massive federal government will jump out at us.  An
enlightened debate on spending and tax reform can then begin and
millions of once-unaware Americans can voice their opinions.

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of politicians and bureaucrats like
threatening to cut off the seemingly endless flow of money to
Washington.  They will fight passage of H.R. 1364, because, even though
it is a small first step, our success would mean the beginning of the
end of taking the American taxpayer for granted.

If any part of you is hesitant about ending the deception of withholding
and igniting a nationwide debate on the true cost of government, please
read the compelling "Finding and Purpose" section of H.R. 1364 at .

Because we are stronger, with over 54,000 of us working together as
activists through The Liberty Committee, we can take on this major
battle.  Here are three things you can do:

1.  House and Senate leaders of both political parties talk about
"fiscal responsibility."  Passage of H.R. 1364 will substantially make
"fiscal responsibility" a reality; not rhetoric.  Add your name to our
petition addressed to the House and Senate leadership.  Go to .

2.  Ask your U.S. representative to cosponsor and work for passage of
H.R. 1364.  Go to .

3.  Spread the word among your friends.  Ask them to do these three
things too.

Then wait for the explosion.  Once productive Americans are confronted,
month after month, with the now-hidden price they pay for government,
the debate we are calling for will begin for real -- thanks to you!

On C.B.S. 60 Minutes II, Tuesday, April 3rd, I.R.S. Commissioner Charles
Rossotti stated, "We have a Congress and everybody has the right to go
talk to their congressman or senator about what they like and don't like
about the tax code."  We agree and that's what we are going to do.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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