H.J. Res. 41 Vote & Real Tax Relief

May 2, 2001

Dear liberty activist,

A citizen can verbally oppose the federal income tax or he can take action
to abolish it.

The constitutional amendment (H.J. Res. 41) that would have made it more
difficult to raise federal taxes by increasing the majority requirement from
a simple majority to a 2/3 majority, failed to pass on Wednesday, 4/25/01.
There were 232 votes in favor, 189 votes against, with 11 members not
voting. (A 2/3 majority was required to pass H.J. Res. 41.)

Our fight to lower taxes, however, is just beginning.  Shortly after H.J.
Res. 41 failed to pass, another constitutional amendment was introduced:
H.J. Res. 45 - The Liberty Amendment.  This amendment was introduced by
Congressman Ron Paul (Texas).  The Liberty Amendment would repeal the
Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution, thus eliminating the federal income
tax.  In addition, it would eliminate federal capital gains and estate
taxes.  Now that's real tax relief!

H.J. Res. 45 - The Liberty Amendment would also prohibit the federal
government from engaging in any business activity that competes with private
businesses (except as provided by the Constitution) and require the federal
government to sell properties that were used in those business activities.

Is eliminating the federal income tax impossible?  No.  Millions of
Americans still believe in liberty.  They, therefore, question the validity
of the federal tax code, the I.R.S. and the Sixteenth Amendment itself.
They understand that the federal leviathan is out of control.  The Liberty
Amendment can serve as a flashpoint for all of these millions of voices.

The Liberty Amendment is not an academic exercise.  It is not a political
statement or an abstract ideal.  It is real legislation before the U.S.
House of Representatives now.  It can become law.  It will become law if
every liberty-minded American tells his U.S. representative that his
re-election will depend on his support of the Liberty Amendment.

Please urge your U.S. representative to support real tax relief by
cosponsoring the Liberty Amendment and working for its passage.  Go to
http://capwiz.com/liberty/issues/bills/?bill=28657 .

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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