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Alert/China Trade Bill (P.N.T.R.) 

May 23, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

The U.S. House will vote Wednesday afternoon (May 24) on the
China-trade bill, commonly known as P.N.T.R.  The original bill
you've heard so much about in the media for the last several
months was only a three-page bill.  It has, within the last few
hours, ballooned to over 44 pages.

Why were 41 pages added at the very last minute?  It's simple.
It was to "buy" the votes to pass the bill - whatever the cost
to you. When President Clinton was unable to convince his own
party to support him, he and the House leadership cut back-room
deals to "buy" the votes of liberal Democrats.

What's in those additional 41 pages?

"As so often happens with large bills in Washington, P.N.T.R.
became a vehicle for big government, managed trade, foreign-aid
giveaways and the creation of new government commissions,"
Congressman Ron Paul stated today.

Tariffs are taxes on American consumers.  The original,
three-page bill would have reduced tariffs (taxes) on goods you
purchase everyday.  Even though the revised, 44-page bill might
still reduce tariffs, it now puts us on the hook for untold
millions of dollars in so-called "technical aid" (otherwise
known as foreign aid) to communist China.  In addition, the bill
also increases the power of the foreign-based World Trade

In a typical establishment tactic, word of what was in the final
44-page bill was withheld until the very last minute. Why?  It's
because they don't want you to know the truth in time to stop

We are sending you this message immediately after learning the
truth ourselves.  Please use what little time is left to urge
your U.S. representative to vote against H.R. 4444.

Go to http://www.libertystudy.org now, click Communicate at the
top of the page, and send your representative this message:
Vote No on P.N.T.R. for China.

Kent Snyder
Liberty Study Committee


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