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Alert/National ID & Death Tax Repeal

June 7, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

1.  During a seven-day period in February, over 12,000 of you
expressed your opposition to the creation of a "uniform health
identifier" to the Department of Health and Human Services.
We must now express the same opposition to the U.S. House.

Why?  Because even after receiving so many comments, either by
design or by accident, language that would have prohibited the
establishment of a "uniform health identifier" was left out of the
Labor-HHS appropriations bill (where it belongs).  That restrictive
language must now be added to that bill if the establishment of a
"uniform health identifier" is to be stopped.

As early as this afternoon, but no later than tomorrow morning,
Congressman Ron Paul will introduce an amendment to the Labor-HHS
appropriations bill to remind Congress of your objections and
redress the omission.

Congressman Paul, who is a practicing physician, stated in a letter
released today, "As an OB/GYN with more than 30 years experience in
private practice, I know better than most the importance of
preserving the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship.
Oftentimes, effective treatment depends on a patient's ability to
place absolute trust in his or her doctor.  What happens to that
trust when patients know any and all information given to their
doctor will be placed in a data base accessible by anyone who knows
the patient's 'unique personal identifier?'"

Please urge your U.S. representative today to support the PAUL
representative by going to http://www.libertystudy.org and clicking
on Communicate at the top of the page.  There's also a phone
directory available in case you want to call instead.

This morning, we faxed a one-page appeal for support of the Paul
amendment to each of the 435 U.S. House members.  

2.  A bill (H.R. 8 - The Death Tax Elimination Act) to repeal the
death tax will be voted on by the U.S. House Thursday or Friday.
This bill has very good support with 244 House cosponsors.  However,
the Washington Post, in its lead editorial this morning, called for
the bill's defeat.  Some members of Congress will try to defeat the
bill at the last minute.  President Clinton has already said he
would veto the bill if passed. This bill, therefore, will need a
two-thirds majority to become law.

A husband and wife works a lifetime to provide for their family and
build a small business or family farm with the hope of passing it on
to their children; but it only takes the federal bureaucracy a few
minutes to take 55% of that family business upon the death of those
Americans who believed in the American Dream.

Today, we faxed a one-page appeal for support of H.R. 8 to each of
the 435 U.S. House members.  

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Study Committee


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