Campaign-Finance Reform & the Constitution

July 11, 2001

Dear liberty activist,

One thing politicians will fight to keep is power, whether that power is
stolen from the people or not.  As long as the people are asleep,
politicians get away with their illicit power grabs.  One power grab leads
to another, and too soon, the people are without liberty because piece by
piece, they let their political power slip away.

Representatives and senators who oppose campaign-finance reform bills
because all such bills are unconstitutional are correct.  McCain-Feingold,
Shays-Meehan, Ney-Wynn -- or any other campaign-finance reform bill --
violates the First Amendment.  That makes such bills illegal.  Even Senator
McCain admits it!

What these politicians won't admit is that they don't have the power.  The
Constitution specifically does not give to representatives and senators the
power to make laws affecting campaigns so they cannot control the outcome of
their own reelections (and for good reason!).  But how many Washington
politicians will stand on the floor of the House or Senate and admit the
truth...that the only power they have is that limited, specific power
granted by the Constitution?

Today, we sent to every House and Senate office a one-page reminder that
Congress has the enumerated power to regulate only the time, place, and
manner of elections - not campaigns (those are two very different things).
Campaign-finance reform is illegal.  We sent along an invitation to read the
clear and unmistakable explanation prepared by esteemed constitutional
expert and our senior legal advisor Herbert W. Titus.  To read Mr. Titus'
important work, go to

Now, send your representative and senators the message they don't want to
hear.  Tell them "You don't have the power."  Go to the "Take Action" box at

Do this now, while you still have the power...because if one version of
so-called "campaign-finance reform" passes as that bill is currently
written, E-mail messages such as this one will become illegal!

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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