See the Whites of Their Eyes...

Talk with Your U.S. Representative this Month!

August 10, 2001

Dear liberty activist,

You now have an excellent opportunity to advance pro-liberty legislation --
without traveling to Washington, D.C.!  Congress is on its annual summer
recess and members of the U.S. House and Senate will be spending time in
their district offices and at local events during their month-long district
work period.  A face-to-face meeting is always more effective than a letter,
E-mail, fax or telephone call and every member of Congress will readily
admit it.

I'm asking every Liberty Committee activist nationwide to ask his U.S.
representative face-to-face to become a cosponsor of our pro-liberty
legislation.  Will you be among those that do?

Attend a public event such as a town hall meeting or picnic where you can
talk with your representative, or schedule an appointment with your
representative in his district office.  Check your local newspaper for the
date and location of public events or call your congressional district
office for a schedule of events or to make an appointment.

Don't be shy about approaching your U.S. representative during public events
or talking with him at his district office.  (Ask a friend to join you.  The
more the better.)  Remember that you have something they always need - your
vote on election day.  As a constituent and taxpayer, you have every right
to demand that your interests be represented.

If your representative loves the state more than he loves liberty, then he
especially needs to hear from you - again, face-to-face.  (My U.S.
representative is no friend of liberty, but he'll be seeing and hearing me
nonetheless.)  The socialists in Congress need to hear the other side and
they need to know that we will hold them accountable.

Seven new bills have been added to our Pro-Liberty Legislation section.
The new bills are:
1.  H.R. 2357 - religious speech;
2.  H.R. 1762 - repeal of Brady law;
3.  H. Res. 197 - UN gun ban;
4.  H.R. 2615 - national medical ID;
5.  H.R. 864 - executive orders;
6.  H.J.R. 27 - war powers;
7.  H.C.R. 49 - treaty power & executive orders.

Here's all the tools that you need:

Pro-Liberty Legislation with Descriptions (print to use as a checklist)

Directory of Congressional Members with District Office Info.

Please make the effort.  Select the legislation that concerns you the most.
Attend a public event or a personal appointment.  Ask your U.S.
representative to cosponsor our pro-liberty legislation.

If you can't see your representative in person, please ask him to cosponsor
our pro-liberty legislation by using the "Take Action" feature posted at the
upper-right corner of the description of each bill.

If you can take a few minutes more, please tell me about your experience by
sending an E-mail to with "Whites of
Their Eyes" as the subject.

Thank you for your help!

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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