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September 12, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

During the last two months while Congress was on their summer schedule,
we made several important changes.

1.  New Name:  Liberty Study Committee is now The Liberty Committee.  We
dropped "Study" from our name because many people perceived our purpose
to be research instead of action.  To make our purpose even clearer, we
adopted a new motto:  "Political action from principle."  We're in the
process of having our name, logo and motto trademarked.

2.  New Web Site:  Our new Web site address is
http://www.thelibertycommittee.org.  We've implemented many of your
suggestions and will be implementing more of your suggestions in the

3.  On September 7th during the United Nations Millennium Summit, we
participated in a successful news conference with Rep. Ron Paul and Rep.
Helen Chenoweth-Hage and representatives from American Policy Center,
Sovereignty International and America's Survival.  We added 43,973
petitions calling for the U.S. to withdraw from the United Nations to
those of the other organizations present.  Over 300,000 petitions were
delivered to Speaker Dennis Hastert's office.  We made public a
brilliant, 17-page analysis of H.R. 1146 written by Herbert W. Titus our
senior legal advisor.  Mr. Titus states, "The Charter of the United
Nations is neither politically nor legally binding upon the United
States of America or the American people."  Mr. Titus' analysis can be
read on our new Web site.  The news conference was recorded and
broadcast twice by C-SPAN.  C-SPAN advertised the program as "Discussion
on U.S. Withdrawal from the United Nations."

4.  On September 9th, I presented "Constitutional Threats from Executive
Orders" to the Eagle Forum's Annual Leadership Conference.  Many of the
participants pledged to help pass H.R. 2655-The Separation of Powers
Restoration Act and S. 1795-The Executive Orders Limitation Act.

We have two important events planned for the next two weeks as well as
several action items to be accomplished between now and the upcoming
election.  Updates will be sent to explain.

Please go to our new Web site (http://www.thelibertycommittee.org) to
take advantage of the changes we've made.  We've set up a new database
system that will automatically sort our list of activists by
congressional district.  We can now send specialized alerts to specific
districts so that we can more productively target our efforts.
Therefore, please sign up on our Join page.  Our new system will also
allow you to update your contact information yourself when your E-mail
address, home address, etc. change.

The next two months will be very busy.  We've worked the last two months
to be prepared for it.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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