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Update/Speeches & Other New Items 

September 20, 2000

Dear friend of liberty,

Representatives Ron Paul, Roscoe Bartlett and Jack Metcalf each gave a
speech Monday evening, September 18th,  on the floor of the U.S. House.
Dr. Paul talked about the transfer of United States' sovereignty to the
United Nations and how the Charter of the United Nations conflicts with
the Constitution of the United States of America.  Mr. Bartlett spoke
about why the United States does not owe dues to the United Nations.
Mr. Metcalf talked about what entities are really sovereign today.  On
July 12, Rep. John Duncan, in a speech on the U.S. House floor, spoke
about the attack on the United States by U.N. Secretary General Kofi
Annan during the University of Notre Dame commencement.
Their remarks are posted on our Web site
(http://www.thelibertycommittee.org) in the sovereignty section.

Here are a four other new items:

1.  The Senate version of "Know Your Customer" (S. 2972) is now posted
on our Web site.  S. 2972 is identical to H.R. 3886, the House version.
Please urge your two U.S. senators to oppose S. 2972.  S. 2972 is listed
in our privacy section.
2.  You can now easily send a message to your congressional delegation
about any subject or issue by using "Write to Congress" which is now
available on our site.  "Write to Congress" offers you the choice of
composing your own message about any subject or issue or selecting one
of our suggested messages on particular bills.  Please keep in mind that
you can always delete, revise or add to any of our suggested messages.
3.  A complete congressional directory is now available for you to use.
The directory lists House and Senate committees and subcommittees;
members of those committees; members of leadership positions; Capitol
Hill telephone numbers; congressional delegations by state; and,
provides a feature to determine your House and Senate members by Zip
4.  A comprehensive media directory is also available.  You can now
quickly and easily express your opinions to local and national media.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee


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